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Shea Moisture Hair Products Deep Conditioner

Sheamoisture raw shea butter deep conditioner is a revolutionary deep conditioner that hemorrahs shea butter and deep condition the hair by repairing and protecting the hair from damage. The deep conditioner is also sour to taste and will colorize the hair. The shea butter is a natural source of hydration and will keep the hair clean and hydrated. The hair will be smooth and shiny after using this deep conditioner.

Discount Shea Moisture Hair Products Deep Conditioner Price

Shea moisture is a natural, raw shea butter product that is commonly used to help keep hair healthy and dark green. The two ingredients in this product are castor oil and strengthen and grow leave in. Shea moisture is a powerful two-in-one deep treatment that can be used on its own or with the castor oil and leave in to achieve a dark green rendition of hair.
this sheamoisture deep conditioner kit comes with a 16. 3 oz. Of jamaican black castor oil shampoo, of leave-in conditioner, 13. Of conditioner, and 12. Of treatment masque.
the sheamoisture raw shea butter moisture retention combination set includes 16 oz. Shampoo 16 oz. Conditioner 16 oz. Hair masque.