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Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner Masque

Oursheamoisture's powerful shea butter duo deep treatment masque will keep your shea products looking and feeling amazing! With shea butter as your foundational drug, we're proud to introduce our 16-oz. Valueable container of shea moisture masque. Our masque is made with shea butter and castor oil which together provides a strong and durable treatment that will keep your shea products looking and feeling good. Our hair conditioner is 4. 5 oz. And has a 16-oz. Valueable container. So if you're looking for a great value, we recommend you get on board with shea moisture today!

Top 10 Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner Masque Features

The sheamoisture mafura oil intensive hydration treatment masque packet 12 fl. Provides deep conditioner and shea water content to your hair to give you perfect childrens hair and to keep it soft and smooth during the day. This product is ideal for kids who are always on the go.
this deep conditioning masque is perfect for sheamoisture's deep conditioners! It uses a light cream consistency, making it a perfect choice for use on hair, nails, and more.
thissheamoisture masque is a 12 oz. Raw shea butter deep conditioner that was created to help your shea butter naturally look and feel better. It was developed with the goal of reducing the appearance of telltale shea butter lumpy textures and giving your shea butter a more smooth and shiny texture.